The Hutchins Sport program offers students a wide range of sports to choose from, combined with carnivals, sports days and inter-house competitions. Intra and extra-curricular sport participation at Hutchins is compulsory. Students are encouraged to participate at a level that they are comfortable with, whilst challenging their fitness and building their skills. Sportsmanship and fair play are paramount. Hutchins is regularly represented and recognised at state, national and international level across various sports.

House Sport Carnivals
The Hutchins Senior School participates in a number of Inter-House sport carnivals throughout the year. Students enjoy a day of fun, House spirit and competition as part of the Cock-House Cup.

Sport Options
The Hutchins Sport program provides great variety for students with over 30 sports to choose from. There are also a number of opportunities to participate in inter school and interstate competitions.

Student selected to train and or play for The Hutchins School will do so as a matter of priority over all other fixtures unless dispensation is given by The Hutchins School Head of Sport or on the advice of the Headmaster.
With the exception of an untimely injury, any application for leave from a Hutchins student’s obligation to play for his school is to be prompt and made in writing to the Head of Sport. If a selected student is injured but is capable of match attendance at the fixture for which he would have otherwise been played, he should attend the match and support his coach and team mates.

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