Activities based on the book Are We There Yet? by Alison Lester

An art exhibition of the illustrations from Alison Lester’s book is touring Australia for the National Year of Reading.  A variety of activities have been developed that are based on this book.  The full post can be read here.

Are We There Yet? Competition 

A competition based on Alison Lester’s book Are We There Yet? is open to primary school students.  Click here to view the full post. 


If you are considering doing some fundraising with your students this year, you may wish to support a charity that promotes literacy.  The Aboriginal Literacy Foundation, The Pyjama Foundation and TEAR are three such charities.  For more information, click here.     



Literature Resources Added to the Stephens Library Intranet site

Resources have been added to the the library’s homepage to assist you in promoting literature and a love of reading to your class.  To find out more, click here.

Australia’s Biggest Book Club

Australia’s National Year of Reading 2012 starts with the opportunity to read a selection of books that best represent Australia.  A short list of books has been selected for each state and territory and you are invited to read those that have been chosen for Tasmania.  For more information and for the list of short-listed books, go to the full post here.

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