Scan: an online journal for K to 12 educators
Find out more about this periodical that focuses on information and effective student learning.

Teaching and Learning Toolkit: a useful summary of educational research
This website provides quick access to information regarding the impact different aspects of education has on learning.

Top ways to use The Day in your Classroom
This post provides suggestions for using this news service in your subject area.

Academic Integrity LibGuide
This post provides information about this guide, particularly the standards of referencing teachers should expect from students in their mini-school.

Action Research Resources
Access a list of action research materials available from the Nettlefold Library.

Open Education Week 9th – 13th March 2015
Find out about Open Education resources and where to find them.

Explore the Library’s Resources
Access our presentation regarding information resources that are available to your students.

Australian History Resources to Support the Australian Curriculum
Provides access to digital resources to assist in teaching Australian History

Digital Resources to Support the Science Curriculum for Years 5 to 10
Provides access to digital resources to assist in teaching Science

Improve: A Time-Saving Assessment Tool
Create and mark tests electronically using this tool.

Mary Meets Mohammed – A Short Documentary Available on ClickView
An outline of a documentary program that air on ABC1’s Compass

Some Nifty Features in ClickView Online
Find out about some great features in ClickView Online.

Open Education Resources
Visit this post to discover quality professional learning resources for teachers.

Enhance TV: A Comprehensive Database of Educational Videos
Provides information regarding Enhance TV;  a great multi-media tool for the classroom.

Video Conferencing Opportunities
An outline of video conferencing opportunities that are offered by Virtual Excursions Australia.

Bringing the Maker Movement into the Classroom
This post provides a link to Brisbane Catholic Education’s blog post of resources to bring the Maker Movement into the classroom.

Glossopedia: A fantastic free encyclopaedia for children
This post describes this free resource which has been specifically designed for children

Britannica Online: A great place to begin the search for  search for information
Britannica Online has a number of features that make this an ideal resource to use within the classroom, which are described in this post.

Class Dojo: An Online Behaviour Management Tool
A great online tool that can provide students with instant feedback on their behaviour

EnhanceTV Direct
Provides video-on-demand streamed over an internet connection

ABC Splash: Free Resources for Primary & Secondary Teachers
A great source of multi-media resources linked to the Australian Curriculum

Wheelers Digital Library: Great eBooks for K to 8
Find out about the new digital library!

Promethean Planet: The World’s Largest Interactive Whiteboard Community
Provides a large number of resources and information all aspects of teaching and learning

What a Teacher Librarian Can Do For You
This post provides a short you tube clip that shows how we can help you!

A  New Resource – Literary Texts: Understanding, Appreciating, Responding to, Analysing and Creating Literature
This resource provides a variety of activites to support a large number of texts for ages 10+

Literature Circles
This post provides information on literature circles and provides access to some supporting resources.

Teaching Reading Comprehenshion Stategies by Sheena Camera



This post provides information regarding Sheena Cameron’s text which provides a wealth of strategies to improve students’ reading comprehension.

Environmental Lesson Plans based on Dr Seuss’ The Lorax. 

Scholastic have developed some environmental lesson plans to coincide with the movie Dr Suess’ The Lorax.  Visit the original post for more details.

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