This drawing app is packed full of features, enabling students to be very creative and produce some fantastic masterpieces!    The app provides a variety of tools including paint rollers, paint brushes, pencils and even calligraphy pens!  Seventy eight different colours are available as well as a huge number of  images for use.  It’s even possible to create a symmetrical pictures.  The clip below demonstrates this powerful drawing tool:

This app would be particularly useful for kindergarten and prep students as a means of introducing them to ICT  as the drawing tool bars only use icons and no text and the app is relatively simple to navigate.  However, the drawing options are sophisticated enough to also engage older users.  The pro version costs $1.99 US and provides a few additional features, particularly the ability to add photos to artwork.   The drawings can be printed by emailing them to an account so that the files can be opened (and therefore printed) from a computer.   


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