Principle of Selection

Students will be selected to represent the school at 1st team level on the basis of the following criteria. There are no single criteria for selection in a team.

  • Ability/performance/technique
  • Fitness and the progression of fitness through out the season
  • Positive attitude and willingness to be a part of the team and Hutchins Sport in both training and competition
  • Coachability – willingness to learn and improve on technique and knowledge of the sport
  • Injury/illness

Selection Panel

Where possible the selection panel will be made up of:

  • Coach of the team
  • Invited person or persons who are knowledgeable in the sport or athletic event
  • Staff member(s) who will provide impartiality, duty of care, knowledge of school requirements and expertise
  • Where possible due to commitments one or more of the following should be present at the trails: Directot of Sport, Head of Middle School Sport, Head of Junior School Sport, and Teacher in Charge of the sport.

Selection Procedure

  • Communication of dates of trials through meetings/bulletin
  • Where possible selections will be held over more than one(1) trial
  • Where possible a train on squad should be selected prior to the naming of the final team
  • Students absent for selection process will be considered at the discretion of the selection panel. Students who are injured at the time of selection trial should still attend sessions
  • Where students have a known commitment and cannot attend selection trial and wish to be considered need to have communicated this with coach/TIC of Sport


All appeals need to follow The Hutchins School Grievance Policy (Coaches). This will ensure that correct procedures have been followed. In the first instance the coach/Teacher in Charge of sport should be contacted.


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