The following list of safety awareness tips are provided as a general reminder to all coaches of their responsibilities. This is not a check list that needs to be completed and lodged with the school, though the issues that are covered are important, and ones sport’s coaches (and assistant coaches) should remain aware of at all times.

Make sure players or competitors under your control;

  1. are instructed on the appropriate warm up/cool down exercises for their sport or activity and the importance of completing these exercises is regularly impressed upon them; and
  2. are regularly advised of how they should behave when not competing in their sport (e.g. their side is batting, waiting for an athletics event, etc), and are aware of the consequences if their behaviour does not meet these standards; and
  3. are aware of any dress and grooming standards required by the school and/or the sport’s governing body[1]. Dress and grooming standards may apply to the;
    • team’s outfit or uniform; and/or
    • removal or taping of jewellery, ornaments, exposed piercings, etc; and/or
    • cutting or protection of fingernails; and/or
    • protection of hair.

It is the Coach’s responsibility to ensure that the appropriate action is taken if these standards are not met.

  1. are aware of any personal equipment they must provide and use (in addition to any supplied by the school). The equipment which is required for a particular sport may depend on the rules of the school and/or the sport’s governing body, and, may apply to the provision and use of;
    • mouth guards; and/or
    • shin guards; and/or
    • drink bottle; and/or
    • any non standard item of protective equipment, such as a footballer’s head protector.

It is the Coach’s responsibility to ensure that the appropriate action is taken if the required personal equipment standard has not been met.

Sometimes there is a discrepancy between the school’ expectations and that of the sport’s governing body. Where this is the case the more stringent requirement (of the two) should be followed.


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