Hutchins strives to provide an inspirational education where each boy develops his personal best.  Hutchins is an Anglican school whose supportive, stimulating community works together to build character of boys.

Hutchins Cross Country 2015


  • Value, explore and embrace diversity, show tolerance and demonstrate respect for others
  • Build and maintain lifelong friendships, displaying qualities such as integrity, flexibility, reliability and empathy
  • Actively initiate and participate in community service
  • Develop skills in independence, self-motivation, leadership, cooperation and good sportsmanship
  • Participate in a range of enjoyable physical and appropriate risk taking activities and are responsible for their own health and safety
  • Have a strong sense of self esteem

The Hutchins culture encourages

  • A balanced education
  • The best possible teaching practice
  • Open and effective communication
  • Learning experiences for parents that will enable them to assist their own children
  • A happy environment where learning is fun


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