Purpose of Awards

These awards are a long-standing way in which the school gives recognition to boys for achievement and service to the Life of the School which goes on outside the formal academic teaching program.

The Awards

Honour Badge
  • For outstanding achievement in activities which goes on outside the formal academic teaching program of the school.
  • Awarded to a boy who has been awarded three or more caps in the one year.
Cap Award
  • For outstanding performance attitude and service representing the school at senior level
Service Award
  • For significant, notable contribution to the co curricular activity beyond that would warrant a cap award.
  • To recognise boys who have represented the school at highest level in senior co curricular activities, except those who have received caps.
Merit Award
  • For outstanding under-age performance.

In addition to these awards, individual sports or activities may have awards specific to their field.


Presentation of Awards

Honour Badge and Cap awards Annual Awards Assembly
Colours House Assembly
Merits Middle School Assembly

Awards Criteria 

Recommendations & Appeals Procedure





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