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The Hutchins School is an educational community which prides itself as a high performing working environment. There are a variety of leadership opportunities for students in the sport program at The Hutchins School, as either a captain, vice-captain, team captain or team manager. Such roles enable students to gain valuable leadership experience, grow in confidence and become positive role models for our younger students.

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Role of the Sport Captains

The captain of a sport is responsible to work with the Head of Sport, Teacher in Charge, the coaching staff and the students involved in that sport. They should lead by example and at all times and be actively involved with running the school sports program within the Hutchins community.

Expectations and Responsibilities

Captains of sports should:

  • Provide a conduit for communication between the players, coach, Teacher in Charge and the Head of Sport
  • Represent The Hutchins School in a professional manner at all times, displaying pride in performance
  • Lead by example in the areas of attendance, attitude, sportsmanship and application to training and games
  • Provide encouragement to all players and support to all age groups
  • Establish a rapport with referees/umpires prior to each game and act as liaison between referees/umpires and players during each game
  • Gain an understanding of the history of the sport within The Hutchins School and encourage team-mates to respect the achievements of those who came before them
  • Act as the representative of their sport and speak in a formal manner when and where required
  • Present a final report at Headmasters Assembly with information
  • Complete a report for Virtus within the timeline provided by Head of Sport

Selection Criteria

Sport captains will be selected based on the following criteria:

  • Demonstrated a commitment to the sport over time
  • Currently a student in year 9-12
  • Ability to interact with a cross section of the student population
  • Exemplary conduct at all times as well as application to studies
  • Demonstrated leadership skills

 Selection Process

  1. Complete the Hutchins Sport Captains Application Form
  2. A student vote for leadership may be conducted for some sports to assist selection process
  3. Applicants may be required to attend an interview conducted by the Teacher in Charge

Sport Captains will be appointed by the Teacher in Charge of the relevant sport, in consultation with coaching staff, the Head of Sport and the Headmaster.




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