Hutchins Football Pathway

Hutchins Junior football has a strong link with Sandy Bay Junior Football Club and encourage all players in year 7,8 and 9 to be a part of their rostered competition. Hutchins 7/8’s play together as a school team for organised games during the Winter Season against other SATIS schools.

Students in year 10,11 and 12 are expected to represent the school in the SATIS 1st and 2nds roster ahead of association football, but are encouraged to continue their football at club level with Sandy Bay Junior Football Club or follow the pathway through to the Hutchins Old Boys Football Club in the Old Scholars competition.



TIC: Adrian Finch

Coaching Staff:   Adam Palfreyman, Paul Banks, Damian Green, Hugh Miller, Adrian Finch


  • Skills training is on Tuesday & Thursday, 3:45 – 5:30pm on the WMO
  • All boys interested in taking part in AFL as their choice of Winter sport are required to train both nights and encouraged to complete an additional strength & conditioning session
  • Matches: Played on Saturdays. 3 Home games and 3 away games in Launceston, followed by a grand final 1v2
  • 2nd XVIII play at 11am and 1st XVIII play at 1pm

2015 Roster 1st & 2nd XVIII

2014 Football Tour Photos

2016 Football Tour Photos


Sandy Bay Junior Football Club

Hutchins Old Boys Football Club

AFL School


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