There have been some exciting changes made to ClickView recently that help facilitate great teaching and learning.

ClickView Online

The whole School, including ELC and Junior School teachers and students can now use ClickView Online. Through this service, you have access to:

  • Albert – an excellent search tool for finding videos matched to the Australian Curriculum for K to 12.
  • 24/7 Cloud – enables you to search for a program that was aired on TV in the previous two weeks and save it or even share it to our School’s ClickView library.
  • ClickView Exchange  – where you can browse thousands of videos that have been recorded by other schools.

To improve access to ClickView content:

ClickView app 

  • This now provides access to Albert.
  • The new local storage feature allows you to save videos to your device for viewing offline; ideal for students who don’t have internet access at home.
  • Record a video and share it with our School’s ClickView library or students are able to share their videos with their teacher.

For more information, read the latest ClickView Review 5 newsletter.



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